Welcome to a world of love, happiness and coolness, welcome in the Sters family!


The Sters are funny and loving monster pillows, with their long arms and fluffy bellies, they’ve been elected the best and ultimate huggers ever. If you’re feeling down, tired or sick, just grab your Sters to get some comfort. And of course, if you’re feeling super happy and need someone to share your love or dance with, they’ll be thrilled!

Sit a Sters on your sofa and it will add some quirkiness to your living room. As a bonus, they’ll let you hide behind them and hold their hand while watching a scary movie…

Kids and Sters

They’re truly faithful companions and are great at keeping secrets which make them the kids favorites. The Sters are also meant to protect you from scary monsters which are usually living under the beds or in the closets. They keep all the scary things away to guaranty a peaceful and tight sleep.


The pillow Sters also have cousins: the covers for water dispensers. These little guys are here to bring joy and fun to your kitchen or office. They fit the standard 19L water bottles and are very easy to put on. They’ll make awesome office mascots.


Where does the Sters spirit come from? Well, they were born in a little workshop which focuses on giving fair and good working conditions to its employees. After many difficulties, the ladies who are bringing The Sters to life, were given a second chance and are now happy and peaceful.


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